IndieVersal is a blog and web directory that redistributes existing information and services, concerning Business Management & Development, created for (Independent) Creators & Entrepreneurs.

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Dwayne Dodson Jr

Blogger, Business Enthusiast, Curator, & Digital Researcher

About Our Founder

Dwayne A. Dodson Jr is an enthusiast of Music, Business, Technology, and Finances. “Knowledge is power and holds great value to those who know how to wield it”!

Music has always been his first love, however, as he grew along the outskirts of the industry, learning the business side of things through books and research. Influenced into wanting to know more about business and the required skills needed to flourish among other industries, Dwayne started attending networking and conference events to develop more knowledge. He soon discovered that not only were independent artists missing out on opportunities due to a lack of knowledge, of required professional business practices and resources along their pursuit. Many other up-and-coming industry journeymen/women as well failed to know how to accurately build up their brands as well. This turn of events is what led to the birth of IndieVersal.com.

IndieVersal is for everyone who is looking to create, establish, and develop a business/brand! We hoard numerous portals, ranging from the Music/Entertainment Industry, Business (Management), Technology (Web, App, & Cloud), to the Financial Industry. Come discover what we have in our curated database.

Get in touch

Dwayne is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about Music/Entertainment, Business, Technology, FinTech, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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