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Welcome to IndieVersal, a web directory and miscellaneous publishing website, that focuses on searching for the “right” tools to help grow your brand, business, and way of life.

Through the use of Information Technology, which has revolutionized businesses, by way of select resources on the internet, we provide pages of portals to assist aspiring, D.I.Y. Entrepreneurs who are willing to take the risk of starting and growing a business through those resources and services provided.

We are still in the beginning phase of our journey as well, however, we hope that you will grow with us as we create, establish, and develop our brands together and beyond!

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About our Founder

Dwayne A. Dodson Jr is an enthusiast of music, business, technology, and finances. across Music has always been his first love, however, he grew up not knowing a single thing about the industry. Once Dwayne started networking and attended many conferences, he was encouraged to not only research more about the Music Industry but other industries and professions as well, which led to the rebirth of IndieVersal.

IndieVersal is for everyone! Still, in its early stages, IndieVersal provides portals to various websites which are adjacent to Music, Business, Technology, or Financial Industry.

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