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Going to the gym never feels good with shabby-looking shirts and loose pants. Boost your confidence and sweat in style with Ugenti’s high quality apparel — the gym wear exclusively for real men. You’ll never know the real meaning of comfort and convenience in working out until you experience Ugenti. Made with quality fabric, wearing Ugenti doesn’t irritate your skin.

Show off those gains with Ugenti’s hand made Luxury T-shirts fresh from Calabria, Italy. This shirt is designed to accentuate the toned body you’ve worked hard for and keeps you from getting those love handles back since you gotta stay in shape to look good in this babe-magnet!

Ugenti’s clothing line lets you look good and feel good while you lift those monstrous weights. What better way to finish those vein-popping reps in style with their Sharp Pants. Designed with a grey tone and colored lines in your in between your thigh gaps, these Sharp Pants are tailored to be used for your intense leg days BUT! It doesn’t stop there. Ugenti cares for its customers and their OOTD needs which is why their Sharp Pants are perfect for both swaggy casual get ups and classy boy next door charisma.

Can’t wait to find out if they have your favorite color in stock? New accessories are coming soon… Check out their on-hand items at www.UGENTI.com. Be sure to keep up with UGENTI by follow their Instagram account; @ugenticompany.



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