#IndieWatch: Travon Greer @XTRVONX


     Up and coming from the streets of Chicago, Illinois is the incredibly talented artist, Travon Greer, also known as XTRVONX, which is the name commonly associated with his art. Not only is this young artist’s work visually unparalleled, but incredibly enough, his main medium to create with is by usage of Sharpies. Each piece is extremely different, yet each shines in it’s own unique light. His work is inspired by ancient cultures, which are heavily incorporated into his art. Travon uses fine lines and visually pleasing geometries to showcase his skills. Many pieces also feature well known musical artists such as Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, and Kid Cudi, some of which have commended him for his work. Though his main art form is on paper, he exhibits an incredible eye for photography as well. His website is filled with breathtaking shots and intricate pieces of art. XTRVONX is definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Instagram: @xTRVONx

Twitter: @xTRVONx

Website: xtrvonx.com


IndieVeiw With XTRVONX

IV) How long have you been doing Art/ your form of Art?
XT) I’ve started doing my form of art in 2013, my Freshman year at Kansas State University.
IV) What drives you to follow your passion through Art?
XT) What mainly drives me is the peace of mind I get when I finish a drawing. I get like a natural high whenever I see the outcome of something I put hours of work into. Another thing that also drives me is the reaction I receive from people when they see a piece I created.
IV) Who are two individuals, local and mainstream, that you wish you could do either a portrait of or a piece for them?
XT) One individual I want to do a piece for is Kanye West, he’s been such a big inspiration in my life, because we’re both from Chicago and seeing him succeed in life inspires me to do the same. The second individual would most definitely be Kid Cudi he’s like a hero to me.
IV) Who’s your idol in life and in the Art industry; past or present?
XT) My idol is without a doubt Kid Cudi, his music saved my life. Without Cudi I probably wouldn’t even be making art, he showed me that I could be great by staying true to myself and not care what anyone thinks about me.
IV) Which piece is your favorite and means the most to you, that you created?
XT) It’s kind of hard for me to pick a favorite piece I pick a new one every other week lol, but my favorite at the moment is my “Distant Fantasies” drawing. It’s my favorite at the moment because of the vibes I get from looking at it, also it’s my most recent piece and I can see the growth in my artwork
IV) Where do you see yourself in the foreseeable future with your Art career?
XT) I see myself creating a legitimate brand with my work, I want to expand my artwork to different platforms. I want to have collaborations with other artists, get my work sold in stores, and also be able to travel the world doing art shows in different cities.
IV) Has your Art ever been showcased/featured in a local or mainstream show? magazine, website, etc…
XV) I’ve had my art in a few Art shows. Only one of which I was actually apart of, the other shows, I had to mail my art to the event because I couldn’t personally be there. I’ve been featured on a couple of websites as well, one of my goals this year is to be featured in Complex or Fader magazine
IV) What has been the greatest experience during your Art career?
XT) My greatest experience with my art so far is doing a mixtape cover for AK the Savior from the Underachievers. I’ve always told my friends that one day I would do some art for him and it really happened, the day he released #BITG2 was one of the greatest days of my life because I knew my art was on thousands of phones and people really appreciated my art and AK’s music.
∗ Much appreciation to all who viewed this post on XTRVONX. Please be sure to follow this young man along his journey in the world of Art and remember to show support. This post was made possible by Travon Greer and various Social Media accounts. Like, Share, and Comment your thoughts down below.

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