#IndieWatch: Misfit 29 Studios @misfit29studios

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     Misfit 29 Studios based out of Bloomington, IN is making waves across the country in the photography world. Liz Pavera and Zach Cook, originally from Chicago, Illinois, are the incredibly talented photographers behind Misfit 29 Studios. The couple began photographing women, who they refer to as “misfit babes”, in 2014. Since then, the young couple has evolved into the one of the most attractive studios around, featuring a number of gorgeous, independent models, looking to create a name for themselves.

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Liz Pavera and Zach Cook

 Liz, often regarded as “The Queen of The Misfits”, for her own dumbfounding sexiness in front of the camera and her remarkable work behind it, is constantly pushing the envelope with her life and business partner, Zach. This charismatic duo’s drive to create luscious photography of women, have them in the running to work with some of Instagram’s most desired models.



   The Misfits’ mission is to end the stigma behind a woman completely, totally, and apologetically; owning her body and her sexuality. With their incomparable enthusiasm for what they do, endlessly flowing creativity, and insurmountable talents, they are able to create with so many badass women across the country and empower them through their stunning perspectives and bold shots. Through these incredible shoots they have created an entire army of misfit babes, each one as empowered, sexy, and badass as the next. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Misfit 29 Studios in the future. Their work speaks for itself, check them out from the links below:

Instagram: @misfit29studios & @thismisfitliz

Twitter: @misfit29studios

Facebook: Misfit 29 Studios

Website: misfit29.com

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