Dealer’s Choice Vol. 14

Send comments about the artists featured on the ‘tape as well as feedback on the mixtape itself. Remember to rate the mixtape at the bottom. Check out all of these artists individually on Soundclould and Twitter.

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 14


1. Tha Joker Feat. K Camp, RiFF RAFF, & Raven Felix“FHITO”  4.37

2. Jay2AintShit – You Ain’t [Prod. By Monte Booker] 2.50

3. Azizi GibsonBe Someone [Prod. Clams Casino] 3.15

4. Norman Dean“OMS” [Prod. No Sleep Beats] 2.43

5. Amos RoseDeliverance [Prod. Savon] 3.31

6. Ande Bishop50 Centences [Prod. by Donato] 3.01

7. Yung Simmie Feat Denzel CurryGrotto Flow [Prod By Louie Haze] 2.54

8. Rome FortunePure [Prod. Lava Dome] 3.24

9. Ralphy LondonMona Lisa 3.21

10. Elijah MoraBounce [Prod. By Losco] 4.01

11. Dusty LeighWriting All My Pain Away 3.58

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I created IndieVersal to be the start of something... We still have a long road ahead of us until we see where it ends

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