Dealer’s Choice Vol. 18

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 18


1. Speaker KnockerzAll I Know 2.59

2. Teddy Blow Feat. Papa BearWhich One 4.11

3. L-DROComfortable 5.00

4. Ripp FlamezRegular [Prod. By Stevie B.] 3.35

5. Mr. Carmack Feat. Jalen – Then They Talk 3.31

6.  Michael Da Vinci Feat. Rikki Blu & Philaracci – M.W.C.C. [Prod. By Black Metaphor & D. Sanders] 4.39

7. BossLucciDon’t Judge Me 4.13

8. Azizi GibsonMandatory Action [Prod. By Tyler Dopps] 2.04

9. Nikko LafréHow It Look [Prod. By K-BeatZ & Johnny Rain] 4.03

10. Billard Feat. Ray Jr – You Gotta Stop [Prod. By Threats & PhattyBanks] 3.09

11. Cash CartiYUNGXANHOE 2.56

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