Dealer’s Choice: Vol. 27

Dealer’s Choice: Volume 27 Presented By Legendary Wayne

After taking a long, extensive break, we are back at it. Over the next couple of weeks, we, IndieVersal, will be releasing a stockpile of music from independent artists you may or may not have heard of. Be on the look out and support there up and coming artists… You never know which one will become the next big star…

Go ahead and check out your new favorite indie artist on Twitter and remember to follow or listen to more tracks individually from the artist that captures your interest more on Soundcloud.




1. Teddy Blow – This My Year [Prod. By Big Los] 4.23

2. J.R. Donato – FIFA 2.06

3. Gloss Da Boss – 101 Reasons 4.23

4. OPB Feat. Key! and Omari Shakir – Too Much Pt. 2  [Prod. By TrapMoneyBenny] 3.04

5. Scoop Deville & Demrick Feat. B Real & Berner – “Blowing Money Fast” 4.54

6. Kirk Knight – “Brokeland” [Prod. by Kirk Knight] 2.36

7. Mohlz Feat. Vinny Moe X Tae Mugga – Never Die 3.46

8. Tim Gent – Man I Am [Prod. by Ducko McFli] 2.41

9. Ease – Youth  2.47

10. Gloss Da Boss – LITUATION GMX 1.44

11. Kris B – Ricky Story 4.53

Send comments about artists featured on the ‘tape as well as feedback on the mixtape itself. Remember to rate the mixtape at the bottom.

This mixtape was made possible through Soundcloud

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Dwayne Dodson Jr

I love Music, Technology, and Business. I started IndieVersal through my passion of what I love and I am looking to use this platform to contribute to the independent community.

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