Dealer’s Choice: Vol. 28

Dealer’s Choice: Volume 28 by Legendary Wayne

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Tracklist w/ Twitter Names

1. HuSH (@Hushdegod) – Feel Like 4.01

2. DPL (@DPLdoubleLIFE) – Dysfunctional 3.32

3. Superhumanoids (@superhumanoids) Feat. Rome Fortune (@romefortune) – No Future 3.50

4. Professor Green (@professorgreen) Feat. Tori Kelly (@ToriKelly)  – Lullaby  4.53

5. Auzz Radio (@WhoAuzz) – Caught Feelings 2.35

6. Atari Jones (@Atari_Jones) – In The Dark 3.53

7. NO1|NO.1 (@NO1Drug) – Differences (Prod by NO1) 2.18

8. Sule’ (@SulesMusic) Feat. Jabbar Hakeem (@Jabbar_Hakeem) – A.N.B (Prod. By Lexi Banks @LexiBanksBeats) 3.28

9. Astronaut K.I. (@AstronautKI) – “Clicquot N Bitches Pt. 2” 2.33

10. BRENMAR (@BBRENMAR) Feat. Lil Uzi Vert (@LILUZIVERT) & Rome Fortune (@romefortune) – We Rollin  3.04

11. GrandeMarshall (@GrandeMarshall) Feat. Pauly Sue (@Paulysue) – Make It Count (Prod. Ben Pramuk & SamGreenS (@SamGreenS)) 4.59

This mixtape stream was made possible through Soundcloud

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Dwayne Dodson Jr

I love Music, Technology, and Business. I started IndieVersal through my passion of what I love and I am looking to use this platform to contribute to the independent community.

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