Dealer’s Choice Vol. 5

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 5

Tracklist w/ Twitter names:

1) Dan Diego (@DaNxDieGo) ft K Camp (@KCamp427) – “Down Bad” 4.03

2) Kenny Turnup (@kennyturnupRR)  X Teddy Blow (@TeddyBlowRR) – “12” (Produced By Chris Maejor) 4.30

3) NikkoLafre (@NikkoLafre) Feat. London X – “Work” (Prod. By Johnny Rain) 4.03

4) Boldy James (@BoldyJames) – “Crunchin” 3.26

5) Fetty Wap (@fettywap) – “Zoovier” 3.18

6) Sahtyre (@sahtyre) – “Base” 4.10

7) Clockwork Indigo (FBZ+UA) (@Asapzombies420) – “LUAM” 5.15

8) Run The Jewels (@runjewels) Feat. Zack de la Rocha (@ZackdelaRocha) – “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” 3.54

9) Dillon Cooper (@TheDillionCooper) Feat. Azizi Gibson (@AziziGibson) & Denzel Curry (@RavenxMiyagi) – “Eyes Of The World”  3.59

10) Ver$aceChachi ヴェルサーチ (@Versace_Chachi) – “Dope Shit” 3.04

11) Skeme (@Skeme) – “Promise” 3.38

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Dwayne Dodson Jr

I love Music, Technology, and Business. I started IndieVersal through my passion of what I love and I am looking to use this platform to contribute to the independent community.

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