Dreams, Impact, & Legacy

How do you plan to start from the bottom? What are your dreams? Are you someone that wants to create an impact? Does a legacy mean anything to you?

I find it amazing how many people have “Smart Phones”, however, using them for anything smart or productive has been at the bottom of the totem pole, for the majority of people I have observed.

The birth of the internet has given us a vast amount of information, to LEARN ANYTHING WE CHOOSE TO LEARN, within the palm of our hand.

I am guilty of this myself. It took a while before I started looking at life from a different perspective. I had to hit rock bottom just to realize the tools and resources I had at my disposal.

The aim was to create a better life, for me, by finding and focusing on my true purpose and goals. I HAVE to become successful, to prove to myself that any can change their trajectory. By doing so, I help inspire others do the same, who are following down a similar path. In order to see this goal through, I had to accept not being in comfortable situations.

I realized that when we are living a comfortable life, we do less with our lives. This is not entirely true for all, but for most us, it is.

We all want more. Each day, we strive to become better! However, we are distracted by so much in our daily lives. Our distractions come in many forms, ranging from Entertainment, Social Media, Subscription-based platforms, and so on, to become mindless consumers. Not paying any mind to how much of our hard-earned income is being drained away. But at the end of the day, it is all a choice.

Through several random encounters, I have realized that many have fallen in love with having a very easy and convenient life. “Working Hard” in exchange for the dream life you want is not a route many would want to explore. Which I can understand. Learning Business or acquiring high-level skill sets is not easy. It is boring and requires a certain level of dedication.

By embarking on this journey to become financially independent, through success. I know my story will lead others to join in what they thought, not be possible. This is why I created IndieVersal. To provide the necessary tools to jumpstart your journey.

I want to be joined by other like-minded individuals who want nothing more but the best for themselves and create an impact within our society. That is what I strive to become a part of. That is where my “Legacy” lay.

Published by

Dwayne Dodson Jr

I love Music, Technology, and Business. I started IndieVersal through my passion of what I love and I am looking to use this platform to contribute to the independent community.

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