About IndieVersal

Hello to my Indie Family!

Welcome to IndieVersal! Here, we help you flourish as an independent artist, entrepreneur, or DIY creative, by providing the tools (links) needed to create, establish, and develop…

IndieVersal, is a portal to universal, informational services and resources that can be found throughout the web. Our founder, Dwayne A. Dodson Jr. has spent countless hours browsing the internet, along with valuable sources, to gather credible links, to curate what he believes to be useful to creatives of all walks of life.

Dwayne “Bossman Wayne” Dodson Jr. believes there is value in independence, and our mission, to help secure the knowledge needed, for you to protect your intellectual property, maximize monetization, and opportunities, to move forward within your preferred industry or life long passion.

We specialize in searching for the right tools, to assist with organizing the right strategy for you, to successfully turn your passion into a viable business/career/hobby, if you choose to pursue either route. This is not an easy task and requires hard work and patience. Nonetheless, this is a path worth pursuing to have ownership over your own destiny.

The goal of IndieVersal, to assist with cultivating an open-minded, educated, independent-like culture, which ownership and financial independence are what we encourage for ALL to fully strive towards.