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#IndieTube: “Beretta Lake” – @teflonsega Feat. @saintjhn

Check-in on the latest visuals from independent, Cleveland artists, Teflon Sega, as he enlists the vocals from the latest “breaking-out artist”, Saint JHN.

#IndieTube @BlakBravo Ft. @CurlyChuck_ – “No Way Out”

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Dealer’s Choice Vol. 6.5 Visualtape Edition

Hope everyone has enjoyed the first 6 series of the Dealer’s Choice mixtapes. Now present to you, 6.5 (currently working on 7 through 12), the Visualtape Edition.

Every know and then, everybody wants to watch videos instead of just listening to music, so pieced together something nice for you all to view. As you scroll down, you will find a sample of some of the hottest independent artists, putting in werk to showcase their music to get one step closer in making you part of there ever-growing media fan base.

Spoiler Alert Even though Diddy signed Machine Gun Kelly awhile ago, I still had to put “Till I Die” on here because quite frankly, BIFC and MGK stays repping the hometown. Big ups to MGK on that one. Lace Up mhufukkaz!!! 216 all day!!!

Without further ado, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax, and watch some visuals. Also, get to know these artists if you find interest in there music. Names will be linked to Twitter pages. Remember, please send comments and feedback…

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 6.5 The Visualtape Edition

1. DeLano Brown Jr – Promises

2. Layla Khepri – Extendoz Hot 32

3. Billard – Hope

4. Jerry – Prayed For A Bentley

5. Dillon Cooper – Charge It To The Game

6. Lil Mister Lonely (Remix) (Speaker Knockerz Tribute)

7. Von Swagger Feat. Sn00pySymone & Black Supafly – Let Me See That

8. Skizzy Mars Feat. Marc E Bassy – Do You There

9. Ralphy London – War Backwards (Rugraps)

10. Tae Miles – The Connection

11. Machine Gun Kelly – Till I Die

This Edition was made possible courtesy of YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo.

#IndieWatch: Misfit 29 Studios @misfit29studios

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     Misfit 29 Studios based out of Bloomington, IN is making waves across the country in the photography world. Liz Pavera and Zach Cook, originally from Chicago, Illinois, are the incredibly talented photographers behind Misfit 29 Studios. The couple began photographing women, who they refer to as “misfit babes”, in 2014. Since then, the young couple has evolved into the one of the most attractive studios around, featuring a number of gorgeous, independent models, looking to create a name for themselves. Continue reading #IndieWatch: Misfit 29 Studios @misfit29studios

#IndieWatch: Travon Greer @XTRVONX


     Up and coming from the streets of Chicago, Illinois is the incredibly talented artist, Travon Greer, also known as XTRVONX, which is the name commonly associated with his art. Not only is this young artist’s work visually unparalleled, but incredibly enough, his main medium to create with is by usage of Sharpies. Each piece is extremely different, yet each shines in it’s own unique light. His work is inspired by ancient cultures, which are heavily incorporated into his art. Travon uses fine lines and visually pleasing geometries to showcase his skills. Many pieces also feature well known musical artists such as Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, and Kid Cudi, some of which have commended him for his work. Though his main art form is on paper, he exhibits an incredible eye for photography as well. His website is filled with breathtaking shots and intricate pieces of art. XTRVONX is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. Continue reading #IndieWatch: Travon Greer @XTRVONX

#IndieFashion Ugenti

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Going to the gym never feels good with shabby-looking shirts and loose pants. Boost your confidence and sweat in style with Ugenti’s high quality apparel — the gym wear exclusively for real men. You’ll never know the real meaning of comfort and convenience in working out until you experience Ugenti. Made with quality fabric, wearing Ugenti doesn’t irritate your skin.

Show off those gains with Ugenti’s hand made Luxury T-shirts fresh from Calabria, Italy. This shirt is designed to accentuate the toned body you’ve worked hard for and keeps you from getting those love handles back since you gotta stay in shape to look good in this babe-magnet! Continue reading #IndieFashion Ugenti