Portals of Applications

Acute Art – Acute Art collaborates with the world’s leadimg contemporary artists, providing access to cutting-edge technologies that allow them to translate their creative vision into new digital mediums – including virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

Anchor – Anchor is a free, beginner-friendly platform for podcast creation, containing tools that allow users to record and edit audio, arrange it into podcast episodes, publish podcasts to listening platforms, and monetize content by collecting listener contributions or adding advertisements into episodes.

Audiobridge – Mobile multi-track music collaboration.

BounceCast – BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app designed to record, enhance and master podcasts and video audio automatically on desktop and mobile. – Breaker is operated by Los Angeles-based Maple Media, a company that owns a portfolio of top mobile app businesses. Maple Media also owns and operates Player FM, one of the largest independent podcast apps on the App Store and Google Play. – The portable benefits platform for people without benefits.

Clinicoin – Clinicoin is an open-source wellness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people, developers, and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness, and research.

Clture – Clture allows you to upload or connect any account you have (data sources) to your Clture account and get paid for your data. After you have your data in your possession you can upload it to Clture. Clture accepts CSV, JSON, HTML, and PDF file types. In some cases where we are able to connect to a service via API you can simply login to your account and allow access to your account activity.

Coinapp – You already make data start getting rewarded for it.COIN is a free app that rewards you for the same data you provide every day. You can redeem your in-app earned “COIN” for digital goods, or real-world items like gift cards and more.

Crypto – Buy and sell 200+ crypto tokens with 20+ fiat currencies using bank transfers or your card. Buy BTC, ETH, SHIB & 200+ crypto for as little as USD $1. Grow your digital assets now!

Evensi – Evensi is where you find events you like wherever you are. Tons of events are added daily all around the world, you just have to choose those which suit you the best.

Expensify – Expensify is a software company that develops an expense management system for personal and business use. Expensify also operates a venture capital arm known as Expensify Ventures.

Fanbase App – Create content and generate revenue with the number one monetized Social Media Platform. Post content, go Live, host an Audio Room, and much more! All while making money.

Fanfare – Fanfare Global brings users/content creators, brands and consumers together on a unique video-shopping platform, the Fanfare App. This is the only App in the world where brands can directly curate and convert User-Generated Content (UGC) into point-of-sales shoppable videos. A brand can add products for sale and link the video to its own eStore or preferred eCommerce site. By clicking on these user-generated shoppable videos, consumers can do online shopping over multiple eCommerce marketplaces, without exiting the App. The content creators are equitably and systematically rewarded. The App also uses data analytics to provide brands with insights on consumer preferences enabling them to stay connected

Focus At Will – Focus@Will is a neuroscience-based subscription service that uses phase sequenced playlists of instrumental music designed to improve users’ productivity.

Future – With Future, you have a seamless fitness ecosystem and the most technologically advanced fitness program on the market. Find your coach.

Gaugr – Gauging is a new way to give your digital opinion about something. Similar to “Liking” something on the web, “Gauging” is an interactive and intuitive way to rate or survey something quickly and in-depth.

geekApps – Create your own mobile app in a matter of minutes without coding. Grow your business, acquire, communicate and seamlessly engage with your customers.

GoSiteGoSite is a digital platform for service-based businesses. From payment processing to booking, we help you appear everywhere your customers are.

JobProgress – JOBPROGRESS is the one business application that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go – at your pace.

Klarna – Shop at your favorite stores—in our app, at your local mall, or anywhere online—then, checkout with Klarna. From finding what you love to pay over time, we make every step smooth.

Limelight – Limelight Music is an ecosystem that strives to empower talented musicians by providing them with the exposure they need to get an opportunity to build fanbases starting from the ground up. is a promotional service for independent artists to show their music directly to fans.

LUM – Collect and trade your favorite artists’ access passes to unlock music collectibles, experiences, and rewards in the real and digital worlds. corner-design.

Magic – Flexible workforce that integrates perfectly into your existing team. Magic’s remote workforce is made up of vetted college-educated staff with deep experience in admin, sales, and recruitment best practices. We’re driven by the highest quality standards and will respond within minutes, 24/7. Magic drives ROI saves capital and gives you more time to focus on closing deals, meeting deadlines, and scaling your business.

Meetup – Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.

Mighty Networks – Mighty Networks unlocks a new era of independent communities creating and mastering something interesting or important together.

Moonbeam – Moonbeam is the easiest way to discover your next favorite podcast. Simply swipe through your personalized, ad-free feed of curated “moments” to discover great new shows and ideas.

Musicslink – All-in-one music marketing platform! The most professional tools are being used by recording artists, labels, and distributors.

Musictectonics Community – The Music Tectonics app is a social network just for the Music Tech community. Network and discuss with Music Tech Innovators across the Macrosystem.

Next AgencyNextAgency’s best health & life insurance agency CRM system & commission tracking software gives an unfair advantage by improving the overall efficiency.

Quiktract – Connecting on a service job should be easy. Creating a contract and managing the job should be even easier. Quiktract combines the ease of a marketplace with the lead, contract, and payment tools solopreneurs need to easily manage their work.

Rapchat – The easiest way to make music on your phone. Used by over 7 million music creators around the world.

Songsplits – SongSplits is a free and secure online platform that gives music collaborators and their teams the ability to easily create and verify their split information and agreements. With tens of thousands of members and growing every day, SongSplits is revolutionizing the music business by putting the power back in the hands of the creators.

Soundiiz – Soundiiz move all your music collection from one music provider to another in a few minutes. Transfer your playlists, favorite songs, albums, and artists in a few steps.

Squibler – Squibler is the world’s best writing platform. Write anything. Publish anywhere.

StreamlabsStreamlabs to power their streams & manage their online brand. Don’t limit yourself to 1 platform.

Tip N Tap – How disconcerting is it to not be able to tip the valet, the bellhop, or wait staff due to a lack of cash. How about an easy seamless and efficient way to pay with just the snap of a camera..Business owners would you like to offer more options for collecting payments without the back-end red tape. If any of these scenarios ring true to you then welcome to TipnTap.We at TipnTap believe that people whether you’re a consumer or business want more freedom and convenience in the transferring of funds. Whether it be for tips, payments, or giving a loved one a gift of cash.

Triller – Triller is an entertainment and music platform. A social video editor built for a community of creators. Where you can show the world who you are by capturing amazing videos and sharing them in seconds.

Tullyapp – The Tully platform was developed by artists, managers, music publishing, and record company executives. Tully App is a blueprint for the entrepreneur artist to successfully operate in today’s music industry. Tully has digitized and open-sourced the music industry mechanism, giving artists transparency over all aspects of their creative and revenue streams. With guided workflows, structured asset management, templated industry contracts, publishing, and licensing support, Tully provides a 360 suite of tools for artists and to manage and grow their careers.

Unitedmasters – UnitedMasters is an artist services company that champions independence for all musicians. Using proprietary data and technology, coupled with deep expertise in music and marketing, UnitedMasters helps artists get smart, get fans, and get paid.

VamprVampr is the number one social platform helping creatives find people to collaborate with, create new music and monetize their work.

Vividseats – Online ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets to sports, concerts, and theater events nationwide.

Wav.Media – Built for Artists. WAV is the first live streaming destination for the music community. TRY FOR FREE. BUILT WITH ARTISTS IN MIND. CREATE CONTENT.

Wave – Wave is an app that lets you discover and meet new friends on Snapchat. Start swiping and make new friends today!

WavveWavve turns your audio into eye-catching, snackable video clips for social media influence. Claim your custom podcast page today. Share Your Audio on Social Media in Style. leverage audio content to create social videos that drive more reach & engagement. For Podcasts. Radio Shows. Marketers. Musicians. Types: Podcasts to Instagram., Podcasts to YouTube., Podcasts TikTok.

Wellnessliving – Whether you are a small yoga studio or a multi-location gym, it is our goal to make it easier to start, run, and grow your business! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will guide you through picking the right package for your needs, importing your data, training you on the best tools, and answering any and every question you have. From making sales, scheduling staff, to building a loyal clientele with email marketing, it is our mission to be your all-in-one solution.

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