User Engagement Platforms

Portals to User Engagement Platform Services

Brilliant Assessments – Brilliant Assessments is an exciting SaaS software tool that enables domain experts to create and manage detailed assessments which, once completed, are the basis of a personalized, detailed feedback report.

ConvertKit – Connect with your fans, foster your community, and earn a living online with the only marketing platform built for creators, by creators.

CltureClture makes it easy for you to own your data and get paid for it.

Disciple – Disciple is where communities thrive. Our community management platform helps people build independent, valuable, and trusted communities in a safe space that they own and control.

Disqus – Disqus is a networked community platform for your website. … At its core, Disqus is a third party system that provides commenting and other community features. The Disqus service also acts as an intrinsic network that connects each of these enabled websites together.

Fan.Direct – Fan Direct is your way to connect directly with your favorite music artists, YouTubers, TV Shows, Celebrities, and more.

HipHop My Way – HipHopMyWay has a pulse on all things Hip Hop and is now committed to showcasing NEW unsigned/undiscovered talent.

Limelight – Limelight Music is an ecosystem that strives to empower talented musicians by providing them with the exposure they need to get an opportunity to build fanbases starting from the ground up.

LUM LÜM will introduce blockchain technology and NFTs to an entire generation of artists, and fans.

MaestroMaestro is an interactive content creator video platform that enables users to own, create and earn from live streaming experiences.

Make Music Count – Learn math and music, anywhere. Improve math skills while learning how to play the latest pop and hip-hop songs — with The Next Generation Math Curriculum.

Meeting Pulse – MeetingPulse helps companies engage their virtual event attendees with powerful, flexible interactivity tools for Q&A, moderation, polls, surveys, raffles, and more. We are passionate about making live, virtual, and hybrid events more effective for event producers as they adapt to the new world of remote and partially-remote participants. Whether it’s a gathering of 10 or 10,000 people coming together, inside those events, MeetingPulse makes meetings count.

Music Tectonics Community – The Music Tectonics app is a social network just for the Music Tech community. Network and discuss with Music Tech Innovators across the Macrosystem.

Poll Everywhere – Poll Everywhere is an online service that allows teachers to ask their students a question. The students answer the question using their mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers. Both the question and the students’ responses are displayed live in Keynote, PowerPoint, and/or on the web. is an online music marketing platform used by artists, managers, record labels, and venues to do business across the internet.

Show4me – Discover and listen to new music, follow artists, watch online concerts, buy albums, tickets, and merch.

SliceThePie – Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the internet. You earn cash for every review you leave! – Share and cross promote your links, music, videos, social media, and more on one page.

Spintura – Spintura is a new social media platform that democratically rewards content creators with Spintura’s tokens, called SPINS, based on the community’s appreciation of a user’s hard work and talent. SPINS are distributed through an expansive, informed, analytics driven ecosystem yielding a more equitable social network where users have a stake in what they create.

Stationhead – Stationhead transforms the traditional radio model. Any host can stream a radio show, feature 45M+ songs and create an engaging audio experience with their fans.

Stripe – Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

SurveyMonkey – Surveymonkey is an online survey site that simplifies the survey process considerably. In the survey design phase, Surveymonkey offers 17 formats for asking questions (multiple choice, true false, open-ended, etc). Surveymonkey also has a diverse color palette for changing the appearance of the survey.

theCut – theCut is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience.

Upnext – A revolutionary way to engage & monetize fans. streamline fan engagement through Upnext landing pages and mobile campaigns. 

Triller – Triller is a video-sharing social networking service that allows users to create and share short-form videos, including videos set to, or automatically synchronized to music using artificial intelligence technology.

interact – Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website.

TWEEDLTWEEDL’s purpose is to connect and engage aspiring music artists with music lovers everywhere while empowering both. We are creating a community that provides an adventure for aspiring music artists on the one hand and music discoverers, music listeners and music tastemakers on the other.

videoask – The most effortless way to have asynchronous video conversations. Engage your community, recruit new talent, generate better leads, and much more.

Vocal – Share your stories and support creators. Vocal is an all-in-one platform where you can share your stories, build an audience, and earn money.

Votion – Votion offers brackets of all types, including prediction brackets, voting brackets, NCAA brackets & more. Drive engagement, capture leads, & leverage a unique marketing campaign type.

Wave – Wave is an app that lets you discover and meet new friends on Snapchat.

WavveWavve allows radio shows to easily repurpose audio on social media. Great for sharing live reads, promo cuts, listener calls, and more.

WithinWITHIN is the world’s first Performance Branding company. We work with some of the top brands across the globe.

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