Dealer’s Choice: Vol. 23

Dealer’s Choice: Volume 23 By Legendary Wayne

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Tracklist w/ Twitter Names

1. ShaqIsDope (@shaqisdopeRhyme Like This [Prod. by Pitt Tha Kid (@pittthakid)] 3.09

2. Kembe X (@KEMBE_X)Crack Baby 2.35

3. Earlly Mac (@EarllyMacFeat. Big Sean (@BigSean) & A$AP Ferg (@ASAPferg)Do It Again 3.57

4. BThaOne (@BthaOne) – Bricks (Remix) 2.23

5. Billard (@iambillard)Can’t Get Enough [Prod. by Billard (@iambillard)& Clockwork Muzik (@DinoCiccarelli)] 4.17

6. Sahtyre (@sahtyre)Spliffz 2.23

7. Key! (@FATMANKEY)Work Ya Risk [Prod. by TM88 (@IamTM88)] 2.40

8. Brian Fresco (@BrianFresco) Feat. Joey Purp (@JoeyPurps)Hammertime 3.50

9. Allan Kingdom (@ALLANKNGDMGlass Up (Chi x TC) [Prod. by Odd Couple (@oddcouplebeats)] 3.33

10. Young Cypher (@youngcypherThe 01 Ville Story [Prod. by Kelly Portis (@theGENIUSofKP)] 2.42

11. The Holy Karon (@HOLYKARON)My Religion 3.15

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Dealer’s Choice Vol. 18

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 18


1. Speaker KnockerzAll I Know 2.59

2. Teddy Blow Feat. Papa BearWhich One 4.11

3. L-DROComfortable 5.00

4. Ripp FlamezRegular [Prod. By Stevie B.] 3.35

5. Mr. Carmack Feat. Jalen – Then They Talk 3.31

6.  Michael Da Vinci Feat. Rikki Blu & Philaracci – M.W.C.C. [Prod. By Black Metaphor & D. Sanders] 4.39

7. BossLucciDon’t Judge Me 4.13

8. Azizi GibsonMandatory Action [Prod. By Tyler Dopps] 2.04

9. Nikko LafréHow It Look [Prod. By K-BeatZ & Johnny Rain] 4.03

10. Billard Feat. Ray Jr – You Gotta Stop [Prod. By Threats & PhattyBanks] 3.09

11. Cash CartiYUNGXANHOE 2.56

Dealer’s Choice Vol. 11

 Apologies for the extended delay. I have been meaning to release many mixtapes but I have been seriously preoccupied… but now I’m back and excited to extend to you various new artists and music from my archives.

     If you love hip hop just as much as I do, you have noticed a series of independent artists making huge waves. Majority of the artists I have previously posted on IndieVersal have made appearances at such events like the past SXSW  in Texas and Revolt TV. 

     I see 2015 as being the year for many indie artists if not all. Change is coming and I hope we all will become part of the influence that will soon take place for these gifted individuals…

Dealer's Choice 11

Dealer’s Choice Vol. 11


1. Billard – Junkies (Feat. Kap G & Doe B) [Prod. By K.E. On The Track] 3.56

2.Geeker Sneaks  Feat. GTE & Rello – That Linda – [PROD BY PHILLY FERRARI] 5.04

3. Mathauis Young (ft. Tae Miles) – Too 3.57

4. ZHU Feat. Goldlink – Paradise Awaits Part 2 2.37

5. Caleb Stone Feat. Mike Dece, Denzel Curry, SDotBraddy & Speak – Gettin’ Rich 4.40

6. King Chip – Harley 3.12

7. Official – Off It All 5.41

8. Nextgang Teeta (T.A.) Feat.  Youngin – No Deal 3.44

9. Mani Coolin’ – Top Back In The Winter [Prod. Jay Kurzweil] 3.38

10. Ralphy London – Gotham 4.04

11. Vinnie Dewayne feat. Myke Bogan – Easy [Prod. I.P] 4.36

Dealer’s Choice Vol. 6.5 Visualtape Edition

Hope everyone has enjoyed the first 6 series of the Dealer’s Choice mixtapes. Now present to you, 6.5 (currently working on 7 through 12), the Visualtape Edition.

Every know and then, everybody wants to watch videos instead of just listening to music, so pieced together something nice for you all to view. As you scroll down, you will find a sample of some of the hottest independent artists, putting in werk to showcase their music to get one step closer in making you part of there ever-growing media fan base.

Spoiler Alert Even though Diddy signed Machine Gun Kelly awhile ago, I still had to put “Till I Die” on here because quite frankly, BIFC and MGK stays repping the hometown. Big ups to MGK on that one. Lace Up mhufukkaz!!! 216 all day!!!

Without further ado, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax, and watch some visuals. Also, get to know these artists if you find interest in there music. Names will be linked to Twitter pages. Remember, please send comments and feedback…

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 6.5 The Visualtape Edition

1. DeLano Brown Jr – Promises

2. Layla Khepri – Extendoz Hot 32

3. Billard – Hope

4. Jerry – Prayed For A Bentley

5. Dillon Cooper – Charge It To The Game

6. Lil Mister Lonely (Remix) (Speaker Knockerz Tribute)

7. Von Swagger Feat. Sn00pySymone & Black Supafly – Let Me See That

8. Skizzy Mars Feat. Marc E Bassy – Do You There

9. Ralphy London – War Backwards (Rugraps)

10. Tae Miles – The Connection

11. Machine Gun Kelly – Till I Die

This Edition was made possible courtesy of YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo.

Dealer’s Choice Vol. 6

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 6 

Tracklist w/ Twitter names:

1) Father (@father) feat. iLoveMakonnen (@iLoveMakonnen5D) & Key! – “Look At Wrist” [Prod. Father] 3.33

2) Jarren Benton (@JarrenBenton) ft. SwizZz (@SwizZzleFish) – “Hallelujah” (Prod by Kato) 3.42

3) Azizi Gibson (@AziziGibson) – “Smoking With The Gods” 3.41

4) Jabbar Hakeem (@Jabbar_Hakeem) – “R.I.P Speaker Knockerz” 2.13

5) G-EAZY (@G_Eazy) – “Achievement” (Prod. by Christoph Andersson) 3.43

6) ItsNormanDean (@RealNormanDean) – “Blu Dreams” 2.52

7) Billard (@iambillard) – “God Bless America” 1.47

8) Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) feat. Twista (@TWISTAgmg) & The Rejectz (@TheRejectzMusic) – “All That” 3.10

9) Wave Chapelle (@BLMNWAVE) ft. Billard (@iambillard) and Rico Love (@IamRicoLove) – “Deez” (Prod By Billard & Clockwork Muzik) 4.16

10) Pouya (@Pouyalilpou)  & Fat Nick (@_FatNick) – “So What” (Prod.HLTRSKLTR & Don Krez) 2.55

11) Sahtyre (@sahtyre) – “Vice City” 3.47