Dealer’s Choice Vol. 15

Send comments about the artists featured on the ‘tape as well as feedback on the mixtape itself. Remember to rate the mixtape at the bottom. Check out all of these artists individually on Soundclould and Twitter. Added a bonus track to pay homage to the late, Speaker Knockerz… Dealer’s Choice Volume 15 Tracklist: 1. Machine Gun Kelly –Continue reading “Dealer’s Choice Vol. 15”

Dealer’s Choice Vol. 6.5 Visualtape Edition

Hope everyone has enjoyed the first 6 series of the Dealer’s Choice mixtapes. Now present to you, 6.5 (currently working on 7 through 12), the Visualtape Edition. Every know and then, everybody wants to watch videos instead of just listening to music, so pieced together something nice for you all to view. As you scrollContinue reading “Dealer’s Choice Vol. 6.5 Visualtape Edition”