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Dealer’s Choice Vol. 20

Send comments about the artists featured on the ‘tape as well as feedback on the mixtape itself. Remember to rate the mixtape at the bottom. Check out all of these artists individually on Soundclould and Twitter.

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Dealer’s Choice Volume 20


1. Jarren Benton Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid W.H.W. [Prod by Kato]  3.22

2. Lil BooCheck Up [Prod.by LilBooBeatz] 3.11

3. K CampOff The Floor 3.27

4. Lanzo Forever The Real Rigamortis [Prod. by BiirdxLahghost] 4.21

5. Audrey Rose Feat. Remy Ma & Fetty WapIce Cream 4.15

6. Rugah T.S.Computers 2.53

7. Azizi GibsonClaustrophobic [Prod. by Kamandi] 3.25

8. Kenny Turnup Feat. Ken RebelWar [Prod. by Rich Forever] 3.24

9. K CampGood Weed Bad B*tch 3.20

10. DoeloWhere The Love At 3.28

11. Fetty Wap Feat . B. Rebels  – Problemz 3.10