California Legislators Amend AB5 Gig Economy Law to Protect Music Professionals

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What is IndieVersal?

cropped-218fa788-61d2-429f-b393-627c65e0a1cc.jpegWhat is IndieVersal?

For the longest, I myself, really had no idea what IndieVersal was. Not in general, anyways. All I knew is that, once I started paying more attention to the independent side of music, I wanted to focus my attention on not just the music portion, but those involved within the entertainment side as well. There was so much talent to be discovered and not too many platforms focusing on these creatives. Those who have to start from the bottom, to grind every day, to gain acknowledgment, to become entered into the conversation as those at the top of their respective fields/careers.

At the beginning of 2015, IndieVersal was orchestrated to help promote independent Hip-Hop/RnB/Pop artists, with the vision of extending to more diverse genres and fields (photography, creatives, choreography, influencers, etc…)

We can all agree, music that is currently being rotated through mainstream channels, are not what they once used to be… Nowadays, you will hear the same songs in rotation, due to the larger record labels flushing tons of money into the marketing side of their artists, to profit more of off radio plays, ticket sales, memorabilia, etc…

My agenda, at first, was to provide promotion towards dimly lighted talent, that I felt was actually on par with there mainstream peers, but did not have the financial backing as one signed to a label or knew the business as well as others within “the game”.

Fast forward nearly 5 years… What I first envisioned, has now come into fruition. Chance The Rapper won a Grammy… Russ is one of the highest-grossing independent artists. More independent artists are becoming known through social media and certain playlist; provided by music streaming platforms and so on…

The Entertainment portion has been no different. From local talent to viral sensations, talent from choreographers, photographers, influencers, creative artists, cinematographers, etc… have all started making waves within the Industry and generating cash flow to extend their “15 seconds of fame” until able to create a decent amount of revenue to sustain hobby/career.

No more do you need the backing of an agency or talent scout (as much as before). With proper knowledge and ambition, your social media IS your book of business and audience to generate cash flow. The key (trick) is learning how to turn your engaging followers into paying customers or at least, spread your name/work throughout the internet.

As easy as this all sounds, I learned another important factor… Most independent creatives, starting out, do not know where to look or how to grow their hobby/business. Some will eventually find a way through networking, while others may become stagnant and soon fade away, due to no direction, lost of inspiration, or whatever may be hindering their growth to reach a wider audience.

Through research, I (IndieVersal) had found my purpose. As I was witnessing a problem, I had also done my due diligence and found a solution as well. Not only is IndieVersal a blog; helping to promote independent artists. But, also provides a curated directory to help independent creatives navigate to the best of their abilities, through the Music/Entertainment Industry. Of course, you will need a team to provide assistance, but that is for another conversation…

It has been a beautiful journey; meeting so many individuals throughout the Industry; from local to well-known, from rookies to seasoned vets of their respective careers…

So much more is in store for IndieVersal, and the experiences and awareness will only cultivate as well. Through my vision, I believe IndieVersal could become so much more than just a blog, but a global brand. To compete with the giants that are more famously known and change multiple industries as a whole.

Although, I can not reveal as much, just know IndieVersal is here to assist YOU!!! Providing necessary intel, services, and resources, to connect you with other like-minded creatives and audiences, who value your form of art, to support your growth and expansion.